Last weekend was my first weekend away ALONE from the kids. It was my sister’s bachelorette party.  It was glorious. What was I waiting for?  My sister is almost 5 years younger than me and is super fun (I’m SO not).  I was pretty anxious about leaving for 2 nights which was my original plan, being able to hang and stay up late and survive.  Instead I ended up doing one night but almost the whole weekend.  When I came home, I wished I did 3 nights!!

It was last year, August 10th when the big moment happened – the proposal. The night before, we went to dinner.
The night of the engagement, we went out to celebrate, a bunch of her friends came out too!  In September, I went up for a dress shopping expedition.

IMG_7255 IMG_7279 IMG_7258 IMG_8742

The shower was in June:

Screenshot 2014-08-02 08.09.32
big sis, little sis, with big sis, little sis.


and some pictures from the weekend!

I felt the need to take a picture of my feet being still. Notice I was on single digits in the book. I didn’t get any further, but still, it was so nice!  A fun weekend in celebration of my super fun sister 🙂 whom I wish I could be more like!   I was in withdrawal all week from that alone time that I was able to have!

IMG_7649 IMG_7670

this picture cracks me up because of the looks on our faces 🙂

IMG_7814 IMG_7819


To my sister, I admire your carefree, no worries personality & ability to laugh at everything!
Now, off to work on my speech for September!  And detox to get ready to fit into my dress!
Any tips on Maid of Honor speeches?

My sister had a pretty awesome ending for my speech:
May your children have blue eyes and blond hair, the sign of a true Italian” :

Screenshot 2014-08-02 08.22.35



Should I say brown eyes and brown hair?? 🙂




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