It’s amazing how far technology comes along each year.  I can take a quick picture, connect it to the pregnancy app, and make a “collage” on my phone. Pretty cool. Here’s 13-19 weeks, missing 15 weeks.

IMG_2068_2 IMG_2203



and here we are at 18 weeks, wow, I think the Christmas month got me onto some bad habits and I look huge in this picture!


My SIL’s baby shower was today so I actually look half decent and my hair is down! whew!
This weekend I had to put away all of my too short workout shirts and tank tops and actually bring up the maternity bin to see what was in there. Tops are starting to be too short. And I have one of those stretchy tight maternity tank tops that I have started to wear under everything – Love it! The jeans are bettona jeggings (elastic, leggings) from Athleta. Love them!!
Otherwise with it being winter, I have been getting by with oversized hoodies and stretchy leggings or athletic pants which I wear daily anyways!


Geez that mirror is dirty sorry!

Workouts from this past week which was week 18:

Monday easy recovery day from outside run on Sunday
30 minute walk
5 rounds of 10 pushups

Tuesday another easy day – sore hamstring 
Walk 1 mile
13 minute AMRAP
8 Power Cleans #15
8 Thrusters #20
8 OH Squats 35#
8 Lunges #20

Wednesday (Blonde Ponytail)
1 mile run
5 rounds of
10 renegade rows 20#
15 goblet squats #35
10 DB snatch each arm 15#
1.5 mile run

Thursday  LOVED THIS WORKOUT – went quickly and kept me busy – Blonde Ponytail
1 mile run
10 squats at 100#
4 rounds of 
1/2 mile run
5 pull ups
25 Kettlebell swings 35#
4 rounds of  
10 ball slams 12#
10 pushups

Friday UNITE FITNESS workout!


  • Begin by starting slowly, then increase speed every minute for about 5 minutes, until at a sprint.
  • Climb a very steep hill for 3 min at a slow but steady pace.
  • Drop to flat and push fast for 1 min, then sprint for 1 min.
  • Climb a medium hill for 3 min at a moderate and steady pace.
  • Drop to flat and push fast for 1 min, then sprint for 1 min.
  • Climb a low hill for 3 min at a steady faster and steady pace.
  • Drop to flat and push fast for 1 min, then sprint for 1 min.
  • Stay at flat and push fast for 3 min.
  • Sprint 1 min, then give it your max effort for up to 1 min.
  • Rest 2 min
  • Do one final sprint near max effort for up to 3 min to finish!


  1. Use light-med weights, Hold a Low Squat & Biceps Curl x 5 reps, then Hold Arms at a 90* Bend & Squat x 5 reps, Repeat for 2 min.
  2. Hold med-heavy weights, 1-Leg Squat x 5, 1-Leg Deadlift x 5, Repeat for 2 min on each leg.
  3. Pushups x as many as possible for 3 min.  When not doing pushups, hold a plank.
  4. Repeat the Strength circuit x 2 rounds. (I didn’t have time for this!)

Saturday – Had a GREAT run this morning! I never know how I’m going to feel and over Christmas I felt awful! Today I got in 5 + miles on the treadmill and was feeling strong.  It was 10 degrees outside and my running partner is away. Phew 🙂 Last week we ran in the rain!

Stay tuned for meals this week!



  1. Chari Price Reply

    How on earth did I miss this announcement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!

  2. You look great Nicole! Congrats on baby #4!

    I just found out I’m pregnant with #3. I’ll have to give this app a try. I agree, it’s amazing how some new gadget or technology comes along each pregnancy.

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