I was up EARLY this morning, I always think food is to blame for a bad night of sleep, and last night it was kidney beans. Maybe my body reacts to them. Then I was up thinking about too many things! The good news is that I enjoyed a Valentines latte and some quiet time 🙂 and came across the recipe that I used last year for heart cakes and put them in the oven before 7am!

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Looking for a last minute treat? The heart cakes are awesome, but here’s a more special treat for someone special! You can make it in a jiffy! Isn’t my Valentine the luckiest guy?

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Almond butter Hearts (makes 6 small)
*I’m not great at measuring out exactly so do some experimenting to the desired consistency!

1/2 c almond butter
2 T honey
1-2 scoops Vega chocolate protein
Mini chocolate chips
Dark chocolate/ 3/4 c chocolate chips

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Combine honey and almond butter (or desired nut butter), microwave for 20 seconds to thin out honey.
Stir well then add 1 scoop Vega chocolate powder. Stir. Continue to add second scoop until mixture is not too sticky but not too dry. You should be able to mix in all the powder. Stir in mini chocolate chips (your desired amount!) Form into 6 small hearts and place on wax paper on a plate in the freezer for 15-30 minutes until firm.

Once firm, melt 1/2 c to 3/4 c chocolate chips or dark chocolate and coat front. Put hearts back on wax paper in freezer until chocolate hardens, about 5 minutes. Coat back side, put back in freezer until hardened. Woila! Valentines Treats!  I recycled an old chocolate container and fit the 6 inside and made a new label.

Happy Heart Day! <3

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