We are having a beautiful day today which I’m so thankful for! Hope everyone had a happy easter! Some of our favorite treats were Detoxinista’s PB eggs and Two Peas & Their Pod Raspberry Coconut Waffles. Yum! Clif and Annie’s snacks filled the baskets this year.

Screenshot 2015-04-06 16.03.51

My vitamix started acting up on Thursday, and I have not had it since! I shipped it back to be fixed and boy am I missing it! I love doing smoothie bowls for breakfast everyday, so it’s killing me!

The latest week that I hit was 31. I feel like I have a med ball in my stomach 🙂
I have a serious look on my face bc I felt shady taking the pic!!

Screenshot 2015-04-06 16.05.31

I will be 7 months tomorrow – officially 2 months to go. I was really grumpy the month of March but I’m making a turn around – I think the weather helps! Also being able to sweat more! My workouts have actually been good in the last week and I can run some days! My favorite workout is one with 1/4 mile repeats with strength work in between. Today’s workout was tabatas with 1/4 mile in between each one. It smoked me! Great workout!

Warmup, then

tabata goblet squats
1/4 mile
tabata pushups
1/4 mile
tabata kettlebell swings
1/4 mile
tabata alternating single arm thrusters
1/4 mile
tabata sumo squat to upright row
1/4 mile
tabata push up to T
1/4 mile

Other than that, sleeping is going okay, and I know spring is going to help. I feel huge (actually like I am the same size I delivered #1) at 7 months.

For meal planning:
Monday – leftover egg casserole put into wraps and zucchini!
Tuesday – fish tacos and fried rice
Wednesday – peanut thai noodles with tofu & veggies
Thursday – cream cheese chicken pockets w/ garlicky swiss chard and beans
riday – meatball sandwiches and mac & cheese + carrots
Saturday – Stuffed Portabellos with Mediterranean plate

New product spotlight – I found this last week:

Chao Cheese! Yum! I tried the creamy original. It melts well and is yummy!

Screenshot 2015-04-06 18.49.42

And last, got a gluten free, dairy free pizza at a local restaurant – the Couch Tomato West Chester – on Friday. Yum!
Screenshot 2015-04-06 16.05.55


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