3 months old!

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Katelyn is 3 months old. She is so cute, and such a good baby 🙂
At 3 months, she is transitioning from 3 hour feedings to 4 hours soon (which makes life easier on me), wake time around 2 hours, and goes to sleep pretty easily. She sleeps on her belly in her crib, which is currently in a part of our room because we haven’t made room for her yet 🙂  At night, she sleep about 10 hours, goes to sleep around 8:30pm and is up around 6:30am but then just chills until feeding time around 7am. Sometimes around 5:30am she wakes up and we snuggle and she goes back to sleep (in our bed).  I love those mornings!  She is exploring with her hands more and more and grabbing things without knowing it. I love when she grabs my hand and holds on to it. She also grabs my 3-year old’s hair (super curly!) and makes her scream!  Overall, she is such a sweetie, and we really lucked out with a chill baby. Her mind is working as she looks around, and loves listening and cooing back.  I love when we make eye contact and she has a HUGE smile over his face. Just love it. Love her! Can’t believe 3 months has passed.

Mom updates
I’m still adjusting to having another baby.  Sometimes I look at her and think wow!!  I can’t believe I have a baby again, it’s surreal!  Sometimes I forget the limitations – feeding, napping, etc… when planning things. I’m trying to enjoy all the moments – I can’t believe how big she is already though! I was rocking her last night and she has grown so much – so long! Seems like she was JUST born and she’s already grown so much.

On the physical side for me, I feel like I can’t lose the weight at all… it’s happening very slowly and I have about 12 lbs to lose – still.  My stomach has so much extra skin and thighs need some major toning. Not fun in summer!  I haven’t been motivated to run anymore than 3 miles – nor have I really had the time!

I have been sticking with the 25-30 min intense workouts.  My eating has just be okay. I can never eat strictly when I’m nursing. I always want sugar too :/  I’m trying but usually I end up eating something after dinner or late night (which I usually don’t do normally)

School just started! I feel like I can tackle some projects that I seriously have just watched stack up in a pile for months…which I tried to close my eyes at and not look!  I’m excited for the one on one time with baby and with my 3-year old when she’s not at school. Time flies too quickly!

I’m also excited to get in more workout and active time with walks, runs, exercise while the kids are in school.
I went back to getting up at 5:30 to fit it all in before hand, but to lose the weight I will start hopping on the treadmill for some extra walking or running while the baby naps once I finish all my projects 🙂

The summer was hard in that I wanted to be out and about so much more, but didn’t want to be dragging the baby all along to everything and making her crazy and unscheduled, so I’m happy to see the fall and I love fall!

The hardest transition for me from 3 to 4 has been staying home more, sitting for feeding/burping/rocking – I like being on the move. I’m taking it easy though and enjoying all the moments!

Here’s a snapshot at our house at bedtime:
The little one always drumming to her own beat!
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How long did it take you to get back to your normal workout routine and pre-preg weight?



  1. mommyrunfaster Reply

    Hey Natalie- You’re doing awesome!! Honestly I think it took me the full year before I was back to normal the second time around. Much longer than I expected!

    I started offering Shaklee to my clients because I love their vitamins and the smoothies surprisingly helped me a lot with sugar cravings and helped me lose the last few pounds. But mostly I think it just takes patience and hard work!!

    You’re doing great!!

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  2. You’re doing great! I still have weight to lose at 9 months postpartum, and I really don’t know how you manage with 4 when one is hard enough! I sit here still a sleep-deprived mess.

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