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This week I went to the library to get the 22 day revolution book, and while there I saw the Hands Free Life book – from the Blog Hands Free Mama. I love her blog! I read her posts and tear up half of the time! So I rented this book and the other book and have been working through them! If you don’t read Hands Free Mama, subscribe! She has great ideas for being present in the moment to say the least. I despise my phone! I wish we lived in a phone-less society. It is such a distraction. I try to put it down and ignore it most of the time. My baby feeding app is on there, and while I’m feeding the baby I like to go on instagram, facebook, etc, but it’s just distracting. I want to be in the moment – so I’m focusing on this goal as I read through the book and get more ideas. One thing that I did tonight was listen to my kids’ heartbeats and talk about their heart and how it was feeling today. They loved it! She writes about this in her book.  Definitely a good read! This is one of my favorites of her posts.

The 22-day Revolution book is interesting. I like the ideas and as soon as I started reading, I was able to get back on track with variety. I kept eating the same things over and over, and snacking throughout. I find it hard not to snack with the nursing and being home often, so that is my biggest goal over the next few weeks- listen to my hunger signals! No mindless snacking!  I’ll be getting ideas for meals from the book but not strictly following it.   I’ll do a little review on it soon!

Take a look at some meal planning (direct from the book) below!

Monday – raw walnut tacos + rice
Tuesday – artichoke, tomato and avocado salad + pumpkin seeds
Wednesday – cauliflower salad with broccoli, zucchini
Thursday – raw zucchini, carrot and cucumber salad with pumpkin & hemp seeds
Friday – pico de gallo supposed to be paired with eggplant…

Do you live Hands Free? What are your favorite plant based meals?


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