I was sent a copy of the Duo Diary Wellness Journal for review.  When I had my first baby and wanted to write everything down, I was looking for a log to keep track and there was nothing to be found. I ended up making a word document and printing out many pages to keep track and kept it in a binder. By the time I had #2, I did the same thing, but now I have these huge binders full of papers!

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When Rachel, a fellow runner, and the creator of Duo Diary, had her daughter, she realized she needed something to track everything, especially a place to track mom’s postnatal care too!   She started working on this. Rachel developed the Duo Diary, a wellness journal for babies AND moms.

The journals are a great size to stick in your purse and carry around with you. On one side, it has a sheet for baby tracking, and on the other side, a page for caregiver tracking.  At the bottom it has a section for notes. The section for notes could be a place to write memories, milestones, a to-do list – anything you would like.

These journals can track everything – and most importantly, keeps tabs on mom too!  In the first days, weeks and months with a newborn, it can be a blur. It is so nice for mom to have a place to write down what she is eating, how much water she is drinking, what exercise she is doing, and more. This would be really helpful when baby has a reaction to something or is fussy to have it all documented. It is also helpful to make sure you are taking care of yourself!

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Tracking baby’s feedings, diapers and sleep is also helpful and important. Not only is it helpful to make sure the baby is eating enough and enough wet diapers, but it also helps to stay on track daily, identify patterns, and then if you have more babies, you can look back to see what you did with the last baby!

Each book holds approximately one month of tracking and retails for $16.95. These would make a great gift for a new mom. You can also purchase a 3-pack – great for the first few months. Shop here.

An advocate of postpartum care, the Duo Diary facebook page is a parenting page with ideas, advice and support for postpartum. Follow Duo Diary on Facebook and Twitter!



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