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With St. Patty’s day this week, the trend is to eat green foods, which comes in handy since many green foods are healthy! I’ve always made a “Shamrock Shake” using spinach as the green color, peppermint for mint flavor, almond milk, a date or two and frozen banana. Yum! Check out my roundup of green foods and recipes below!

(realistic) ideas for school lunches:

Green grapes
Sweet peas or edamame
Green smoothie in a pouch
Green apples
Spinach muffins

Natural Green dyes

Spirulina –  I used this once to try to make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle muffin/donuts – I don’t recommend for baked goods!

Matcha Green Tea – I also tried this. You can taste it! Better for drinks.

Spinach – could work in baked goods in small quantities.

Green ideas for you! 

Detoxinista Shamrock Shake!

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Spinach Muffins {please excuse the dye in these muffins 🙂 }

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My kids have been really into smoothies lately! Add spinach to make them green!

Check out this fun infographic from Abbott Healthcare.



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