Last year, I started to revamp all of my household products that contain toxins. I started with shampoo/conditioner/soaps and cleaning supplies.  I have continued to seek out the best options for things that I have around the house that the kids are exposed to. Over the past year I have found many items that work well that I like, and I’d like to share them with you!  Do you use non-toxic items at home? What are your favorites?


My favorite item is Honest Conditioner. My girls have crazy curly hair. It is nearly impossible to brush in the morning. This conditioner gets through all the knots – it is super thick and the best conditioner that I have found! I use it for myself too! It is great for my dry hair! They just made the bottle with a pump and with new varieties – the pump is key! It makes it easy for the kids to use themselves or for us to use easily when bathing them!

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Honest Detangling Spray
Another great one for the dry curls. It is just like spraying water with a nice scent. And it makes it really easy to brush in the mornings when their hair is totally crazy!

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I also was sent Rock the Locks to try and review. They have a detangler also, which smells fruity, a curl boosting spray, and a shampoo/conditioner spray.  The detangler is a heavier spray than the honest one. My girls both have dry hair and the best bet is for them to have a wet down before I brush it. The Rock the Locks Spray is non-aerosol so no chemicals there!  It makes their hair smell nice but it also makes it a little sticky as if hair spray is in their hair. I might be using too much.

The shampoo/conditioner spray is great for when they might not need a bath, but need a hair refreshen. This works great after swimming in the chlorine!

The curl booster spray really helps their hair when it is dragging and frizzy, I like the idea of it too! All of the sprays smell fruity and delicious!

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Honest Detergent

Now there was just an article that the ingredients could be questionable, but I hope it is false!  It is called the Honest Company so that would be a real Catch 22!

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Dishwash Detergent – Seventh Generation.

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I have tried a TON of these and some work terrible! This one works well and actually cleans the dishes. When you look at your dishwasher detergent and it’s bright orange or a bright yellow color, that’s not natural! And you are eating off the dishes cleaned with toxins!  I bought this at the grocery store.

Hand Soap – Seventh Generation

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The soaps that we use are also Seventh Generation. I purchase on Subscribe and Save on Amazon.

Bath soap & Lotion – Everyone Soap

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Easy, gentle, natural.

For cleaning supplies, my choice is Honest Brand.
I dumped all the toxic stuff.









  1. This is something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while now 🙂 thanks for your recommendations. I heard the same thing about honest co so it makes me a little wary to purchase their products but the conditioner sounds wonderful.

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