Hope everyone had a great Easter and spring break or mini break!  We enjoyed a few days off and family time!  The kids had the most fun hiding easter eggs for their older cousins!


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I randomly came across 21 day fix results on FB and looked it up! I found some descriptions of the workouts and using google and you tube, did it for 21 days. I really enjoyed getting up and knowing what I was doing, and my abs and whole body saw more definition!  I am going to post a breakdown of where you can find the workouts below, but the basic structure is a warmup, then 2 to 4 little segments of 1 minute intervals, with 20 seconds rest and a cooldown. Each day has a focus (plyo, arms, legs, pilates, cardio, yoga) and each workout is 30 minutes (average) long, which is perfect for me right now!

The whole set actually is related to Beach Body and Shakeology, and includes an eating plan and food containers (above). I did not do any of this and don’t have the package or DVDs – I just thought the workouts in itself were great!  I found previews for the 21 day fix extreme workouts so I have been doing them with some interval running thrown in.  Have you done it?  I wouldn’t buy it because after 21 days or a couple times through, your body would need something new! It is a good shock to change up your workouts though!

Here’s the breakdown and what I was using to structure workouts:

Total Body Cardio Fix

Upper Body

Lower Body
Pilates Fix
Dirty 30
Yoga Fix


And then, this beach body coach created preview videos  that will help you to check out the moves. She is great! I have no affiliation with Beach Body or Marisa, I just came across her videos – she did a great job!






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