Happy Sunday! I am popping in to share a documentary that I just watched.  This is the most interesting documentary that I have watched in a while and it is playing free this weekend. The one I recommend is the Day 2 documentary, which is all about how to heal your body, and cure cancer.

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How do you do it? Through NUTRITION. Lifestyle. Healthy changes.

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The numbers are not in our favor for cancer, and they haven’t changed in over 40 years, which is sickening!  According to the documentary, the survival rate for cancer patients over a more than 5-year time period is 30%.  That means 70% of people pass away in the years following their diagnosis.  We are going to medical doctors and being treated with chemo, radiation, and drugs – all of which put more toxins into our bodies and not only attempt to kill the cancer cells but also weaken our healthy cells.   Medical doctors study MEDICINE, not nutrition, and less than 6% of them get training in nutrition.  They are highly backed by pharmaceutical companies.  Pharmaceutical companies control the government.  Of course they want to treat cancer with drugs!  And to keep cancer growing – so they can treat it with their drugs!  If you want to give someone cancer, give them CHEMO. The cancer industry is a money making industry.  MONEY.


How do you avoid cancer and cure cancer?

NUTRITION.  LIFESTYLE.  Do everything possible to BUILD your immune system.  Specifically through vitamins, superfoods, LARGE quantities of fresh vegetables juices and organic foods. Choosing a diet that is 80% or more plant-based raw & organic foods is a hugely valuable part of a healthy lifestyle.   The goal is to wreck the internal environment and kill toxins – by your DIET.  You also need to sleep! and reduce stresses in your life. A healthy immune system comes together from all of these things.

WE HAVE CONTROL OF OUR BODIES. Take responsibility.
What we eat can change our mood.
The choices you make WILL change your life.

You are what you eat.


Definitely check out the documentary if you are interested in nutrition and your health.



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