Baby K is almost 17 months old! I’m going through toddler days all over again 🙂


Here’s what 17 months looks like:
Repeating all of the words that we say, and sounds! I love this!  She picked up “Mommy” from her brother and sisters and calls out “Mommmmmyyyy?? Mommmyyyyy??” whenever she wakes up in the morning and from nap.  Another fun one she learned is “Stooooopppp!” if someone is bothering her or touching her. The way that she says it cracks me up!   She picks up most of her cues from her older siblings – laughing, dancing, etc. Loves to dance!

She can pick up and run at a good pace! She loves dolls, carries them around – pokes them in the eye, then throws them on the ground and steps on them:)  Enjoys playing with just about everything! Loves to uncap markers and draw on anything so I have to watch her! Opens cabinets, takes things out. Everything is a test of “what will happen if I….”

She isn’t as good of a vegetable eater as she was, but I keep giving them. She loves her hummus and oatmeal and grains.

Loves animals! Gets so excited when we see dogs! Loves petting the animals at the farm.

Does not like being restrained in the car seat! I read that putting a 17 month old into a car seat is like strapping a cat into a carseat  – that sounds about right!

She met her newborn cousin last week and was not thrilled when I was holding her!

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 6.32.29 AM.png

Mom updates:
I am not very productive at this age!  Love all of the little things that she is excited by, and is learning day after day, but it is hard because she wants to be held often when I am making dinner and wants my attention always when she is awake. In a few months, and even by one year from now, she probably won’t want to be held at all, so I am going to try to enjoy this time with constant reminders of this.

With one baby, I’d be back on track and feeling like I am getting things done, but when K is sleeping, I have my 4-yo with me wanting my time, and then the older two come home from school. This makes getting any work done and things around the house and “me” time a challenge! I can’t believe how fast time is going though!







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