I recently took a QPR gatekeeper certification course which teaches about suicide prevention.  As a (former)high school teacher and coach, I thought it was a relevant topic. The session was very informative, but what stuck with me the most was a story about a man that had attempted to jump from the Golden Gate Bridge to end his life and survived. This man lived to tell the story and wrote a book about it. Part of his story brought him back to the day that he tried to end his life.

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Walking on the bridge crying as he passed people left and right, he was just looking for one person to stop and reach out to him, and no one did.

Can you imagine if you were that person that saved a life?

Since the beginning of the year, there have been a few teenagers who have taken to social media to record (live) their own suicide.  This is a horrifying and sad thing and you don’t hear about it too often.

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What if we noticed someone having a bad day and smiled or reached out?  Can you be that person who saves a life? Keep this in your back pocket as you are going through your day.  As teachers and parents and citizens, let’s be aware if someone is struggling and see if we can make a difference!


QPR training was offered in our school district – you can check locally to see if it is offered in your area.


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