The littlest peanut turned 22 months last week!  It is hard to believe that she will soon be two – time flies!

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Baby updates

Little K is talking up a storm!  We can understand most of what she is saying, and some things are totally lost on us. The other kids help translate what she is saying, but sometimes, she becomes frustrated because she can’t communicate what she wants to tell us.  Terrible twos are upon us with that, and not getting her way.  We’re seeing tantrums that include throwing herself on the floor and banging her head on the ground, even hitting and pinching.

She has to be my most territorial child – “MINE!” “MINE!” and “My mommy!!” “My daddy!!” – I guess she wants to make sure her voice gets heard?  The baby of the family is a TOUGH kid and doesn’t put up with anything, at least in our family!

On the other side of things, she’s a happy & funny toddler. The role of class clown will probably be fulfilled by K – she is our family entertainment!  Imitating her siblings and doing silly things to make us laugh seems to make her laugh, too!  She’s a sweetie with a tough side!

She takes one nap each day from around 12:30-3, give or take, and bedtime and awake time are around 7:30pm/8pm and 7am.  With the sun coming up earlier, she is up earlier too!  My first little guy would sit in his crib and “read” books forever!  Typically, this one wakes up and starts yelling “MOMMYYYYYYY. OUTTTTTTTT” that gets progressively louder and louder.  I love that she will rock for a little before going to bed still and I am holding onto that.  Going from a crib to a bed – she might be 5 years old. I could not imagine putting her in a bed anytime soon.  While not interested in potty training, we read the potty books together and I feel like she understands it.  I get a heads up when she poops though, so there’s that 🙂

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Mom updates

In the past month, I feel like I have been able to take the time to do things that I haven’t done in a while – little things like hanging pictures on the wall or rearranging things! At the same time, I feel like I have no time at all.  When my pre-K babe comes home from school, it’s nap time for K, so there is no down time. I try to do “quiet reading time” and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. When the older two were this age, they still napped, and I honestly feel like it was easier with 3 small kids at home because they all napped at the same time and I was able to get at least an hour to myself!  Without that down time, I sometimes go nuts!  Questioning if I should return to work and when, or pursue other routes has been driving my thoughts lately.  Finding balance and feeling useful while being a stay-at-home mom can be hard!  Some days I have it, and other days, I don’t!  All in all, I can’t believe how fast time goes and I would go back to the days when they were all really little in a heartbeat.



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