I love essential oils! I started diffusing them for allergy season, and then found there are so many other uses for them.  Some of my favorite uses are below, and then more on making your own rollers!

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Tea Tree Oil – great germ destroyer, I use this diffused in a room after a child has been not feeling well, or in a DIY all purpose cleaner mix.  Look at the many uses below!

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Credit: Swanson Vitamins

Lavender  – My favorite uses are diffused for good sleep, relief for bug bites!

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credit: healthylivinghowto.com

I love these kid safe combinations by Plant Therapy that I made rollers for and I also diffuse in their rooms!
Immune Boom – all winter!
Germ Destroyer – after they’ve been sick or not feeling well
Sniffle Stopper – when they have the sniffles

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The rollers are very easy to make! The rollers can be found on Amazon here.
First I used a carrier oil – olive oil or avocado oil and filled almost to the top, then dropped in 10-12 drops for each bottle.  I used a label maker so I know which is which!

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The kids love using them, and they will fit in a purse, schoolbag, or anywhere you need to go!

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Do you use essential oil rollers? What are your favorite oils or blends?


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