Faster than we know it, the year is coming to a close. Let’s wrap it up with a look at some of the top posts and ideas from my end this year.

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Me versus Seasonal Allergies. 
We made it through allergy season without any prescriptions or over the counter medications which was a huge feat for 2017!  Read about my plan and results here.

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Aquafaba was a thing this year. 
Using chickpea water to replace egg whites or eggs in recipes was a hit for the plant-based diet.
Check out this recipe for two-bite brownies using aquafaba here. 

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Learning about the epidemic – gut-destroying antibiotics
Why antibiotics are so bad for your gut and how to combat the effects. 

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Intermittent Fasting
After learning about the benefits of fasting, I started doing this during this year and it made a huge difference! Read about my experience here.

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Magnesium is one of those elements that most people are deficient in – learn more about magnesium and why you should be taking it!

We drink this daily and took a class on how to make it – which ended up in failure because of toddler tampering! Kombucha is fermented tea which is great for the gut!

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Essential Oil Rollers
I made my first rollers this year and I love them!

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Coffee and Mushrooms

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Yes, keep drinking it! Why coffee is awesome but chaga mushrooms are also a delicious start to the day!

What was your favorite nutrition change or tidbit that inspired you in 2017?







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