What is Hay Max?

Hay Max is an organic allergen barrier balm made out of beeswax, seed oils and essential oils (or aloe vera extracts) that can be applied to the rim of the nostrils and bones of the eyes. It has been shown to reduce dust and pet allergens and more than a third of the pollen from entering the body. This helps seasonal allergy sufferers with one more defense against allergen offenders.

This drug-free, natural, organic balm is suitable for everyone. The available varieties are Aloe Vera, Pure and Lavender.  

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My Review

I will lay on all of the defenses once allergy season comes around to help my son to deal with them naturally. We used Hay Max with no problems, and it seemed to help while the pollen count in the air was high.

Where to Find it

For US customers, Amazon sells different varieties. It can also be found on the HayMax website.


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