During summer and the school year with sports, we’re on the go often, needing to pack healthy eats with us to fuel up!  With proper planning, you can avoid processed and food dyed snack bar foods and poor choices. These snacks also make great beach snacks!  Top snack ideas for kids are clean foods that are easy to prepare!

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Some of the containers we love to pack are Easy Lunchboxes which now come in two sizes, and Planet Box.




  1. Nut butter/Tahini with celery or apples. The latest trick to keep an apple from browning is cutting it, then putting back together and using a rubber band to hold it together.  Pack with a spoon and nut butter or tahini for a yummy protein rich snack.


2.  Nuts & tigernuts. My kids love taking the shell off of pistachios, but also dry roasted or raw almonds, cashews, and we’re loving the sriracha cashews from Thrive Market!   Tiger nuts are a newer chewy snack for a quick grab!

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Photo Credit: Cleveland Clinic
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Top left: Sriracha Cashews

3. Energy Balls
Very easy to make with a food processor, there are tons of recipes for energy balls out there.
Our current favorites are
Minimalist Baker No Bake Vanilla Cake Bites
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Detoxinista Energy Balls

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4. Gluten Free Bread & Egg. My kids love having a circle cut out in the bread and an over easy egg cooked in the center. It packs well too once cooled!

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5. Gluten Free Crackers.

Favorite brand is Simple Mills – now at Costco!

6. Organic Turkey Roll ups. Easy and filling!

7. Cut up Fruit and Berries

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8. Cut up Veggies: Celery, Carrots, & Red Peppers are all easy to cut into strips and great alone or dipped. Current favorite kid dressing ~ Primal Kitchen Ranch. 

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9. Roasted Crunchy Chick Peas. Roast with your favorite herbs or spices, or purchase at the store. We love the Biena brand with no MSG.

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10. For a quick grab, Lara Bars and minis are clean! 


What are your favorite on the go snacks for kids?

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When in doubt, choose clean snacks with minimal ingredients. And remember, kids only need WATER to drink!








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