Many have experienced anxiety as a waiting duck while C-19 spikes have been all around. How can we avoid the feeling?? Being prepared is the best strategy! First of all, knowledge is power! Know what works for this illness and create your own “emergency kit” for the pandemic. Read below for what we used.

  1. SPM Supreme (Fullscript/Amazon) : Specialized pro-resolving mediators are a stronger version of fish oils and can regulate macrophage infiltration and cytokine production but also promote macrophages to do their job (1)
  2. Quercetin (Fullscript/Amazon) Quercetin is a zinc ionophore – ionophores transports particles into the center of the cell where the virus reproduces. Quercetin will push the zinc into the center of the cell to stop the virus from reproduction.
  3. Bryonia 200c (Amazon) – The O variant came with a dull consistent headache. Bryonia is homeopathy that is used for headaches.
  4. Xlear Nasal Spray (Amazon- adultskids). This is awesome to have on hand for any upper respiratory issues.The xylitol in Xlear helps clear out the nasal passageway so that the virus is unable to attach. This is useful for air travel as well – spray before and after your flight.
  5. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) (Fullscript/Amazon): NAC is the precursor of the antioxidant glutathione. In the past, it has shown to loosen mucus in the lungs, and it can also provide immuno-modulating benefits. NAC has been shown to suppress viral replication. NAC helps to replenish glutathione which helps modulate cytokine production, that “cytokine storm” that we have all heard about. (2) It is hard to find NAC currently after it has worked better than pharmaceutical remedies that are being pushed. Reach out if you’re looking for NAC.
  6. Zinc: Zinc has been shown to stop the virus from replicating.
  7. Vitamin D3/K2: Lower Vitamin D3 levels were correlated with worse outcomes in the pandemic. You can order your own Vitamin D labwork to test your levels or ask your doctor for a vitamin D hydroxy 25 lab slip.
  8. Sodium Ascorbate: Vitamin C helps to hyperactivate immune cells and saturate them. Since it is water soluble, it doesn’t stay in the system for long.
  9. Oscillococcinum: Homeopathy for flu-like symptoms
  10. Umcka Cold Care: Homeopathy for sore throat and respiratory symptoms.
  11. Listerine Wash – 2x daily!

We experienced mild symptoms that were in line with the O variant – fever, headache, fatigue. The kids were affected for about 2 days and the adults for 4-5 days, but the fatigue did linger for a few extra days.

After the infection, mitochondrial support is recommended. Two things to consider are CoQ10 and a “mito- cocktail” such as Mitochondria ATP. Ubiquinol – the active form of CoQ10 acts as an antioxidant, sweeping up reactive oxygen species and regenerating other antioxidants.